Advances in Blockchain Privacy & Confidentitality

Today, blockchains stand on the threshold of both optimizing existing business processes and disrupting those very markets. Yet, the technology's shortcomings on privacy and confidentiality have emerged as perhaps the most daunting roadblocks.  (email for a copy)

Blockchain and Shared Ledgers: The New Age of the Consortium

KPMG: "Consensus: Immutable Agreement for the Internet of Value."

The following paper was authored and submitted by George Samman and Katryna Dow for the Web-of-Trust Workshop following ID2020. This Meeco paper, explores the idea of an ‘Immutable Me’ – a step towards individuals having the means to decentralise attributes, claims, verification and provenance of their personal data. George Samman will represent Meeco at ID202o and the Web-of-Trust Conference.

"Immutable Me"

PAR - Productive Asset Record System

An open investment recording system built with intelligent lending and hedge fund administration in mind. A first of its kind, a fully transparent administration and audit platform leveraging blockchain technology.